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Robert Sickels...
Robert Sickels
Radio Astronomy Supplies was founded in 1994 by Jeffrey M. Lichtman, founder of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA), with encouragement from Dorothy Sickels, wife of Robert M. Sickels, pioneer amateur radio astronomer and owner of Bob`s Electronic Service.

In the early stages of planning, our main focus was on quality, ethics and customer support. In order to run a company you must also surround yourself with staff who share the same visions. This is reflected in our Mission Statement.

"The Right Tool for the Right Job"

We Offer the Real Option!

85-1 Antenna...
85-1 Antenna, PARI

Radio Telescopes for Educational, Research and Individual Use

Our radio telescopes are specifically engineered for radio astronomy research purposes ONLY. We do not promote modified general coverage receivers, converted satellite equipment, or scanner technology designed for areas other than radio astronomy research.

Rack Mounted Ultra Cyber...
Rack Mounted Ultra Cyber

We design and build all our own equipment resulting in a line of high-grade products. Included with our products comes years of radio astronomy engineering knowledge, high quality and high ethics, including our guaranteed customer satisfaction!

Rein Smit...
Rein Smit
G.Reber & J.Lichtman...
G.Reber & J.Lictman, SARA/NRAO
Jeff Pari...
Jeff at PARI
Carl Lyster...
Carl, NRAO 40 Foot

In addition, we offer our customers full technical support via email and our Engineering Hotline. We have been at your side since 1994 and we will continue to be there.

If you want exceptional results, proven best in the field and combined with excellent pricing,
our quality research radio telescopes and associated equipment will get you there!

RAS Staff

Radio Astronomy Supplies has over 70 years of combined knowledge in RF and digital design and construction of low noise systems.

Jeffrey M. Lichtman, KI4GIY
Owner and Founder, Marketing and Engineering

Founder of the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA). Jeff`s background includes military (US Army 1967-1970) missle electronics in the nike missle system, radar and computer maintenance, attending Redstone Arsenal at Marshall Spaceflight Center, Hunstville, AL McGregor Missle Range, NM, Military and Commercial Avionics and RF systems. Education includes two degrees, AS Science, AS Electronics.

Jeffrey Lictman...

Jeff as worked with Grumman Aerospace on the LEM (Lunar Excursion Module), Hazeltine, Hamilton Standar (div. UTC), Bendix Avionic and Lockeheed Martin, and has communications background, technical commercial and military documentation, telecommunications, microwave and business marketing.

Jeff is available as Speaker for hire for your company, group, organization, events.

Carl Lyster
Lead Design Engineer, RF Front End / Back End Systems and Development

As our lead design engineer, Carl is responsible for the design of our fine radio telecopes. He graduated with a degree in electronics and his knowledge spans RF and digital. He has spent the last twenty-five plus years in the development and modification of communication systems and low noise technology, as well as radio telescopes.
Carl is available via our email support or our Engineering Hotline.

Carl Lyster...

Tommy Henderson (WD5AGO)
LNA Engineer and System Development

(Radio Astronomy Supplies LNA and Microwave Design)

Tommy is responsible for the low noise amplifiers and system designs and he is very well known internationally in this area of expertise. He is responsible for the design of our Methanol Receiving System.

Tommy Henderson...

He is an Assistant Professor of Electronics at a local community college, in the Tulsa vicinity, and a RF circuit designer. In addition, he has been an amateur radio operator for thirty years. In addition, Tommy has provided his expertise to Radio Astronomy Supplies in the area of LNA and Microwave System Design.

During his career, he has developed software and hardware plus, operated equipment for moonbounce (EME) from 144 MHz to 5760 MHz and is currently on 2304 MHz EME as well as, Radio Astronomy.

Note: He receives his lunar echoes 100% of the time and while not transmitting he does radio astronomy research.

Tommy is also a published author, with several articles on:

  • LNA and feedhorns designs (published through ARRL)

    He holds a AASEET, BS, and MET degrees. Tommy received the ARRL Professional Instructor of the Year Award in 2002.

  • Dr. John Bernard
    Software Development

    Dr. John Bernard holds degrees in the Computer Sciences. In addition, Dr. Bernard holds the position as Professor Computer Engineering at a prestigious learning institiution.

    Dr. Bernard has been in the research area of many radio astronomy programs including his SASAR Project. In addition, the software for our systems has been developed by Dr. Bernard and a team of assistants.

    Peter Reise
    European Representative

    As our European representative, Peter provides our European customers with top quality support and design engineering serivces.

    Peter has a long and distinguished career in the low noise microwave field and is equipped with the latest test equipment required in this area.

    Peter Reise...

    Rein Smit
    West Coast USA Representative

    Rein, our West Coast, USA, representive, has a mathematical and mechanical background and brings many years of experience in the engineering field as well as antenna design concepts.

    Jim Van Prooyen
    Specialty Software Development PULSAR Software

    Jim is a long time Software Engineer with knowledge and experience in Aerospace and Astronomical applications.

    In addition, Jim has developed a unique Pulsar software program, for use at 406 MHz and 1420 MHz

    Jim Van Prooyen...

    Ralph Boyd, of High IQ Software Group, has joined the RAS team boydralp@earthlink.net.

    Ralph is responsible for the new software program "SpectraCyber Elite" (TM). Formerly employed as a Senior Software Engineer, working on the development of cell phone software. In previous years, Ralph, has worked in the areas of Bio-Medical Electronic technology, optical scattering of bio-flowcell systems, High Definition television, acoustical imaging, and both software and hardware design. Ralph, is well versed in the Physics area. In addition, an advanced amateur astronomer. Ralph is also a graduate of Auburn University (Physics) and a US Air Force veteran.

    He has designed and built photometric stellar photometers and for several years studied variable stars under the direction of Dr. Hall at Vanderbilt University and the IAPPP of which he was a founding member. He takes special pride in being only the 3rd person on earth, albeit in the universe, to report the splitting of comet West as it passed perihelion that he so incessentially informed the staff. Today he occupies most of his time writing software for RAS and the astronomical community.

    Ralph Boyd...

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